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Pipe Gordon Wells is the premier Investigative Group in the DC and Baltimore area.  What makes us standout is the foundation our firm is based on: providing the highest quality service possible to our clients.  We pride ourselves on our ability to both lead an investigation and be effective and productive team members. Whether it is directly with a client or through one of the prestigious law firms that retain our services, we are devoted to every case.  We measure our success by client satisfaction, not the amount of hours it takes to get there.


Thinking outside the box is the old school way of doing things.  Today’s world isn’t a box, nor is it limited to a pre-determined number of sides. Thus, Pipe Gordon Wells does not have standard approaches to any case as each case is different.  Each client has a unique story and background, unlike any before them or any that will follow. Our approach is simple: care about the work and care about the clients, because it brings out not only the best in our product, but the best in ourselves.