About Us

Chris Pipe, Founding Partner

With over 14 years of experience as an investigator in the DC region, Chris brings a vast knowledge of investigative techniques and resources, as well as specialized skills in the areas of cellular data analysis, online investigations, and witness interviews and statements. Before venturing out to co-found Pipe Gordon Wells, LLC, Chris worked at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS), holding an array of positions. During his tenure at PDS, Chris served as a Staff Investigator, Internship Coordinator, and Supervising Investigator. As a Supervising Investigator, Chris was, among other things, in charge of developing and presenting training seminars on a wide range of investigative topics both internally at PDS and externally to groups across the country. Additionally, Chris has investigated a wide variety of criminal cases ranging from drug distribution and gun possession to capital murder and sexual assault, white collar cases such as securities fraud and copyright infringement, and civil cases such as racial discrimination in the workplace, child custody, and breach of contract.

Sean Gordon, Managing Partner

Before serving 11 years at the Federal Public Defenders Service for the District of Maryland, Sean started his career in Washington DC. Starting as an intern at PDS he worked Felony I cases at an early age and was constantly asked to stay as an intern as he finished his degree at the University of Maryland College Park. Sean joined PDS as a staff investigator after college but not before working cases all around the DC area as a private investigator. He has traveled the country on multiple occasions for investigation and has international experience with cases in Asia and the Caribbean. Along with years of investigation, Sean’s background includes mitigation services, background checks and multiple national lectures on sentencing techniques. Sean is extremely proud of his list of references that range from the most prestigious lawyers and judges in the Washington and Baltimore areas.

Seana Holland, Senior Associate

Seana began her investigative career in 2005, as an intern at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS). She went on to work as a Staff Investigator, leading the investigation on over 100 serious felony cases until she moved into the private sector in 2013. Since making that transition, she has been involved in the investigation of qui tam, class action and personal injury lawsuits, as well as government investigations which have involved both national and international travel throughout Africa. She has also investigated both capital cases and done work for the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project.